How To File Nails Without Damaging Them

How to File Nails

It’s important to know how to file your nails so you can avoid damaging them and many people make simple mistakes. So to avoid damaging your nails you just need to do those simple things that will help your nails to grow healthy.

First,  you need to file your nails at its hardest stage, that’s mean before soaking in water or any oils. This is because when the nail is over-hydrated is soft and bends, so is difficult to get smooth and even edge. Another thing to consider is that the moisture may disturb the natural bond between the nail plate layers so that may cause your natural nail layers to separate.

Second is what file to use and correct filing techniques. As well know the nails plate which is your actual nail is keratinized skin cells that are stick together and form layers. It is important to use a really fine file to shape your nails to prevent from damaging them. Using rough file will make the easy damage age of the nail to splinter the layers and cause them apart.

Third, is never ever file your nails both direction. As we said earlier that the nail is a keratinized skin cells that are stick together and even using fine file will damage the structure and brake those connections. The correct method when filing is to start from the side of the nail to the middle and is the same for the other side. If the shape of your nail doesn’t allow you to do so just remember to file only in one direction. Using the whole length of the file pulling toward you.

Fourth not many people know, that is important to seal the nail. What does it mean? It means that by bevel the top of the nail helps to ‘seal’ the nail from water invention, then placing the file under angle on the age of the nail to refine the shape and seal the layers. Why we have to do that? We do that because the top layer of the nail is harder than the lower layers and by ‘sealing’ we protect the soft layers under. Which that prevent the layers to peel.

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